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The Jaxon Film Fest launched in 2012 as south-central Michiganís premier film and music festival.  Held within approximately a forty mile radius of several key Michigan cities that extend like the ends on the spokes on a wheel,  Jackson, Michigan is the hub. 

Love, Redemption and Salvation will be the themes for the
2014 Jaxon Film Fest 

January 26, 2014: The Jaxon Film Fest has announced its 2014 call for entries.

Working with Jackson's Michigan Theatre, the Jaxon Film Fest is now looking forward to a five year run. The theme this year will be Love, Redemption and Salvation (but not necessarily as defined by Judeo-Christian ideals.)

According to Steve Tucker, Executive Director of Jackson's Michigan Theatre, "These are universal themes which cross all genres."

It should be noted that while it may be great for a single film to incorporate all three of these themes, they need not portray but one to be considered for selection.

This year's festival (the third) is scheduled for November 1-2, 2014.

Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films as or vimeo links for consideration to the Jaxon Film Fest. There is no fees for entering films to the filmmakers. Submitting films as or vimeo links eliminates the cost of postage. We do not accept dropbox or other file transfer services. For more information refer to the guidelines below.

Again this year emphasis will be on Michigan Films, but not exclusively. Please submit all films by September 30, 2014.


Filmmakers, to submit your films follow these guidelines.



Submit Your Films

The Jaxon Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for the 2014 film festival.

We look forward to receiving your films.

Filmmakers, to submit your films follow these guidelines.
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